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Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Tang Xiaojun and He Xin tips,moncler piumini
1st detection
Accreditation bodies: Mianyang alcohol concentration in the blood for their forensic detection of 56mg / 100ml, are drinking and driving (family questioned said the dead never drink)
2nd detection
Accreditation bodies: Mianyang peacekeeping benefits Forensic Center
Blood alcohol content of less than 0.50 mg per 100 ml, not drunk driving (police finally recognized this appraisal report)
At 11:45 on August 4,?item/create_form/1, more than 50-year-old Deng Xingfu Mianyang man riding a motorcycle, and a 26 bus collided,http://www.kitsoft.ru, died. Forensic blood sample of two, one by Mianyang full forensic identification, stored in a police department.
August 12, issued by the appraisal report, Deng Xingfu blood alcohol concentration of 56mg / 100ml, are drinking and driving. After the family members questioned the traffic police will be backed up blood to Mianyang Centre of Forensic Identification peacekeeping benefits again,?item/create_form/1, results are displayed as less than 0.50 mg per 100 ml. So,woolrich outlet, in the end, which one expert conclusion is it?
Never drink deceased family questioned
August 12 morning, Deng Xingfu's wife Zhao Xiaorong to Mianyang city traffic police brigade to take three immediate appraisal report. Forensic identification results issued by Mianyang full display: Deng Xingfu blood alcohol concentration detected was 56mg / 100ml, are drinking and driving.
After seeing the report, Zhao Xiaorong questioned said: "My husband never drink,piumino moncler, and day of the incident, he did not yet have lunch, go to drink?" "I got the first appraisal report, once full justice to Mianyang identified by the appraiser to look and was told other staff appraisers from July 20 to start to Ya'an Lushan, and also did not return Mianyang. Since people are not in Mianyang, how they make the identification conclusion? "Yesterday , Zhao Xiaorong said angrily.
In this regard, Liuzong Li yesterday on the phone said she was on a weekend back to Mianyang Deng Xingfu blood for identification. Appraisal report Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Zhaoxiao and Rong Tigong see on appraisal date of Mianyang full forensic from August 10 (Saturday).
Backup recheck conclusions differ
Yesterday morning,?mod=viewthread&tid=7352128, the reporter went to the traffic police brigade. Police responsible for the accident, said Su Wenjun, get the report, he told the staff of Mianyang full forensic again verified, confirmed the blood sample is not wrong, the report did not go wrong.
However, Zhao Xiaorong still require re-testing. 12 pm, Su Wenjun made another backup archive of blood,to Mianyang peacekeeping benefits forensic center re-identification. August 18, the identification center to the appraisal report, concluded that Deng Xingfu blood alcohol content is less than 0.50 mg per 100 ml, with the first identification of very different conclusions.
Two different identification results,peuterey sito ufficiale, the traffic police department in the end approved this? Su Wenjun introduced yesterday,peuterey outlet, they finally recognized that the appraisal report Mianyang peacekeeping benefits Forensic Center,air max femme pas cher, and the division of responsibilities accordingly.
Identification of the machine is not a problem, oh?
So, two different identification results,giubbotti woolrich, the problem in the end went wrong? Zhao Xiaorong suspected blood samples were swapped, and some even add the alcohol in the blood sample.
Yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daomian and Yang Dingli forensic identification of persons in Bidding Liuzong Li and not in the office. Zhao Furong, director of the Institute said they were identified by the commission,signed by the families of the blood samples to confirm that they are not the problem. "We are only responsible for the commission of a blood sample test." Yesterday, said by phone. Currently,http://0taku.livedoor.biz, they are still preserved blood samples for inspection.
Mianyang peacekeeping benefits Forensic Centre of Forensic people said that they bear the legal responsibility for law expert conclusion.
"We are randomly conducted forensic identification, and had a blood sample at the police department back up, I believe that the report identified the unit did not dare mess." Yesterday, the police Su Wenjun introduced, according to his understanding of the situation, "After what happened, Mianyang full forensic identification itself again, the blood alcohol content is still there,, but somewhat lower than the first time identified, is not a machine problem, oh? "
Bureau of Justice
Blood samples were questioned families can apply for DNA testing
In this case, Mianyang City Bureau of Justice Forensic Management Division chief, said one folks, families can actually apply for DNA testing to confirm. Also,hollister outlet, if there is a problem Forensic Unit,abercrombie france, after receiving a complaint, the Judicial Board will investigate, in accordance with regulations for processing.
Yesterday,woolrich parka, the Yangxing chief also said the family of the deceased for Forensic report if questioned on a forensic institutions should apply for re-identification. Forensic Center Mianyang peacekeeping benefits Mianyang if knowing full forensic identification has been made the first report, while still accepting applications for clients,woolrich prezzi, on blood samples were identified, does not meet specifications, but also ineffective.
However, according to Mianyang City traffic police department,air max pas cher homme, provided they have the relevant qualifications, can be carried out accident alcohol concentration detection and identification. It is understood, Mianyang have the appropriate qualifications identified only Mianyang Mianyang full forensic and forensic center peacekeeping benefits both organizations.
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