around 1 pm

around 1 pm

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Times reporter Zhu Jinhua in Ningbo
March 8, around 1 pm,, the Agricultural Bank of China branch in Ningbo Jiangbei Zone, came a 30-year-old woman asking for "a regular" service.
Account opened in the name of her child,hogan outlet napoli,, in accordance with the provisions of the bank, to handle this business must present the child's identity or her identity. However, as the child is still small depositors, no ID card,scarpe hogan donna 2014, account of this was not any band, the bank staff said it could not handle.
"We have repeatedly and she explained, also the relevant documents showed her, but she still does not understand." The branch Mao Zhuren said, not long after,outlet moncler milano, the woman's husband came to the branch,stock scarpe hogan, insisted this service .
Talk about ten minutes, did not see room for negotiation,hogan originali outlet, the couple raised, do not handle the business, and instead began to save money.
Unexpectedly,tiffany bracciale cuore prezzo, the two men and other ways to save money savers do not like people are disposable after finishing up, of which they are one yuan to one yuan deposit.
13:30 After all branch four service windows open, so the hall appeared such a scene: a couple of people to occupy a desk, leisurely save. And before the other two counters, depositors lined up in long lines ......
During this period,?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,hogan outlet italia, the area police station came twice, and this man had to communicate, but no effect. Police also proposed to take him to the inside, a good copy of his child related business bank account information again, but was refused.
The man said he did not want to start a business to do, and now he just wanted to save money.
"This man's attitude is very good,, save Shihai talking and laughing, there is no radical moves. We persuasion failed, there is no recourse but to leave." Police said.
Bank staff Mozhe. "They probably do not understand our requirements,, so in this way to express discontent." Mao Zhuren said she had heard of such a thing,?tid=5187016,moncler milano outlet, but I did not expect really happened in their side, when she did not know how to deal with.
"We can not refuse their demands to save money, but this continues, other depositors will certainly be affected,tiffany collane prezzi, we can persuade him." But no effect persuasion, the man repeatedly stressed that saving is his freedom.
Bank 4:30 to work, and so the couple has been saved to 16:15, got up to leave.
"Customers of our work have any comments,?mod=viewthread&tid=8974855, can be raised through other channels,outlet tiffany milano, it is not necessary to do so." Mao Zhuren said.
Some people call "brain damage" Some people applauded
Should do in the end? Some Internet users say they are vexatious, but there are a lot of friends applauded for their actions: "!. Banks must also have fire places, or who right enough support to pass the time ah really want to reflect on the bank" friends " sun dancer,moncler rivenditori, "said.
Netizen "drink tea on the Internet" is aptly said: "This is actually quite sensible of this bank staff that did not hurt,moncler outlet bologna,?mod=viewthread&tid=550382, anyway, are doing business, but their actions harm the interests of other depositors! . "
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