each worth on the yuan.

each worth on the yuan.

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Panjin Morning News (Reporter Wang Hui) I have never seen such a scare,hogan outlet, scare,scarpe hogan, especially the police.
Lu underwent suspicion of theft, in the police station for interrogation, suddenly put their "eyes right" out to put on the table.
Stunned, the police found that this is a prosthetic eye.
Yesterday, police cases Panjin City Dawa Dawa vice captain Zhang Wenhua briefed reporters on the case.
December 26,hollister outlet, 2009 10 am,hollister, Dawa police station received an anonymous phone call from a man,hollister france, lived in a bungalow three men acting suspiciously, they are nocturnal,every big to small wrapped package to carry home ......
Zhang Wenhua led the police immediately rushed to the scene. Inspection, a man claiming to Wang, 47 years old; a man surnamed Lu, 48 years old; another man surnamed Zhao,?mod=space&uid=8945, 20 years old. Three people are Heilongjiang.
Police open the back door and found a bunch of snow on the ground,nike tn pas cher, leaving footprints leading Chaiduo. Walked over, clawed Chaiduo, two bundles of cable hidden in them.
Meanwhile, Zhang Wenhua Lu underwent the bed from found drugged tablets.
Thus,louboutin femme, the three men were taken to the police station the police interrogation.
Police had just sat down when asked to Lu underwent, he suddenly pulled out a "eye" on the table from his right eye.
LvMou said: "You can not touch me,/cgi-bin/support/mail.cgi."
"It was really shocked!" Said Zhang Wenhua, can calm down closer look,pas cher, turned out to be a prosthetic eye, Lu underwent right eye.
Later,abercrombie pas cher, Lu underwent told the truth, "I fear the police can not do anything to me, in order to frighten them."
47-year-old suspect Wang has no identity, nor even the household. He said, after Heilongjiang crime,abercrombie soldes, the police would not be able to escape him as a network. This is after he fled Panjin, the main reason for the crime is still bold.
Zhang Wenhua,told reporters and others in Heilongjiang Lu underwent several occasions over cable theft.
According to Lu underwent account, December 8,pas cher, 2009 in the evening,peuterey,?mod=space&uid=169698, three people will be housed in a residential villa carry two dogs back. That night, they will be skinned dog meat! The following day, another dog at a price of 180 yuan to sell.
After the incident, the police dog's owner, Lee said, it is pure Rottweiler dogs, each worth on the yuan.
Currently,?f=10&t=394679, the case is under further investigation.
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Re: each worth on the yuan.

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