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Handan newspaper (Reporter intern reporter Chen Yangsi Hua) Recently,http://www.fukushi-hiroba.com/magazine/cgi/talk/ftalk.cgi?res=241, Handan City Public Security Bureau police seized a North Zhangzhuang false and selling counterfeit dens. Case,http://www.city.uozu.toyama.jp/mmagemergency/mmagMlApp.aspx, a pair of pro-siblings in a year's time through a network of manufacturing and selling all kinds of false thousand pieces, involving up to one million yuan.
August 19, Handan City Public Security Bureau police station north Zhangzhuang clues in Hanshan Rochester head on the 3rd hospital,woolrich parka, seized a counterfeit dens making all kinds of false documents, was arrested on the spot and making false statements in the application of a cow,tn requin pas cher, and seized all classes cover more than 500 sets of false documents,nike air max pas cher, false more than 100 pieces of semi-finished products, Sike seal and a group of more than 200 pieces of equipment making false statements.
Ma Hongwei According to police reports,woolrich prezzi, the application of a biological siblings, and a cow is because her parents divorced, they are one with the father's surname, one with the mother's surname,woolrich outlet, but siblings always feeling good over the years has always maintained a very close contact .
Because my sister lives near a cow local vehicle management,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, its main source of income is helping Vehicle Administration to do chores to earn some small income,http://www.xq0757.com/read.php?tid=283372,tiffany milano, but because of the application of a younger brother, and there is no work, no source of income. So with two siblings age and living expenses growth,piumino moncler, economic constraints of two siblings will move from the "fat fiscal side,woolrich prezzi," the crooked brains. "Rush to see every day so many people, I thought maybe this might really be the way of making money." Interrogation cow sister confessed to police investigators.
Since 2012, at the age of 28-year-old cow began pulling its small application of a 5-year-old brother took the road of manufacturing and selling false. A cow is mainly responsible for business promotion and contact specific buyers. She Through QQ,nike tn requin, micro letters and other chat tools and small ads posted payment for its sales of false "to find a market." Shen is the focus of a brother is responsible for "technical" stronger production,http://www.bbstg.com/?http:/read.php?tid-74746-ds-1.html,giubbotti woolrich, engraved work.
Initially two of the business is not good, along with the application for a fake business,http://www.minakawa.info/cgi-bin/bbs/light.cgi?res=19, "study", two siblings business is getting better. "As long as there is demand for what it can do." Even a cow this commitment to customers. For a time, two siblings began in the "industry" a minor celebrity,http://www.jbyyw.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4486867, a day after they sell hand seal,woolrich roma, documents dozens of pieces of many. In a year's time, they are more than a thousand pieces of all kinds of false sales through the network,http://bbs.auctiongs.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3855394&extra=,air max pas cher, involving up to one million yuan.
The case is under further investigation.
(Original title: pro siblings make millions selling false)
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