000 yuan wedding.

000 yuan wedding.

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Chongqing Evening News reporter Chen Lin photo coverage of the Yellow River
Yesterday,http://www.zclife.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14200,peuterey outlet, the weather was hot and dry, Nanbin came a timely rainmaking --- a wedding, the 12 sanitation sprinkler follow wedding car team, went "rain" adequate, cool and comfortable.
The matter was sent to the forum users, has become the focus.
In particular there is a row of sprinklers wedding team
Yesterday morning, the South Bank area Apple City cell door,air jordan pas cher femme, behind a bunch of wedding wedding car,http://www.fukushi-hiroba.com/magazine/cgi/talk/ftalk.cgi?res=192, behind the bride and groom are not interested neighbors, but a row of wedding cars full of personality big guy.
What are the big guys? 8 conventional wedding wedding car, there are 12 new sanitation sprinkler at the door waiting, hanging ribbons on these huge mirrors sprinkler body, red hi word close the window, the parade is not small.
Sprinkler team principal called Yang Ni, she said it was to 12 sprinkler wedding, we were dressed up early,vendita hogan, clean the sprinkler on makeup.
This is a special highway coming rain gift
Yesterday 9:30 before, 12 sprinkler follow the bride and groom wedding car, drove toward Nanbin.
Team orderly, the name of double flash, crossing the public gathered to watch, and some vehicles also took the initiative to give way. Yang Ni task is to sprinkler while not blocking traffic, with the tight team.
When the Egongyan,nike jordan pas cher, sprinkler collective "wildly" --- all open sprinklers and spray pattern music, accompanied by Jiang Feng, mist drift off, like an artificial rainfall, spectacular.
The bride and groom do not know, this is a special gift Yang Ni and colleagues prepared for them.
10:00 before, wedding car team to the South coast park road, where an increase in vehicle and pedestrian, sprinkler stop watering.
Wedding car from company executives expressing wishes
It is understood that 27-year-old bride Zhou Yan Ping Chongqing City Construction Co., the South shore business development center manager, 29-year-old groom Wangjiang Lin Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch sales staff.
The creative wedding car, not by newcomers and wedding companies, but from the bride's company. This private enterprises contracted Nanbin road cleaning, this 12 sprinkler company purchased just last year, when the hair candy, company executives whim, to use the company's sprinkler followed by wedding car team, said the blessing.
Some people think that is wrong company responded yes
This romantic rain, but also to some people and friends have their own views.
After Nanbin eastern district where the work of the original 1891 Chen Lu saw the sprinkler team, he said, suggests that it is used for cleaning and sanitation truck, opened with great fanfare so many cars,http://759game.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=455846&fromuid=90111, throwing so much water, waste somewhat suspect.
Yesterday afternoon, things are sent to the Internet users, friends network called "Wang Min good" that: "? So blatant use of work vehicles married, the relevant departments to where the"
Faced with these problems, the bride Zhou Yan Ping,parajumpers salg norge, head of the company that their approach is understandable:. "Zhou Yan Ping college graduate working in the company for the company to contribute, which is respect for her," he said, This is to express my gratitude.
To do so without approval
Yesterday morning, the reporter consulted opened Nan'an District Sanitation Department. Other explanation, sanitation trucks belong on Nanbin Nanbin CMC, Sanitation Department has not received any notice, however, many of today's sanitation department will outsource sanitation engineering,http://www.bloodyrose.net.cn/?action-viewcomment-type-news-itemid-65, sanitation trucks are mostly private companies in operation, the appearance of the vehicle is unity.
Nanbin CMC a staff, he met the bride, is the company's executives, usually low-key man, the wedding did not issue an invitation to the CMC, "Vehicle, plumbing and water are the private property How not to use us for approval, the individual feels so good idea to bring a hint of cool in summer. "
Give them some blessings
Chongqing Normal University psychology professor, Zhou Xiaoyan marriage experts believe that emotion, creativity if the company owner, may have two meanings, one company blessing of the couple, and second,air jordan 4 pas cher, do not rule out consideration of some of the hype and propaganda. If you are new to their creativity,outlet piumini moncler, then we should give them some understanding and blessing, so do have some new ideas, such as Dai Songkran, it contains a blessing, but also to bring a trace of fresh hot summer.
"I also recommend couples in marriage,doudoune moncler soldes, should take account of public feeling,http://mt.fresheye.com/ft_form.cgi, to avoid complications, do not put the wrong thing in Table mood, give yourself the trouble." Zhou Xiaoyan said.
Chongqing offbeat wedding convoy
April 10, 2010 morning, the main road on the Banan District, stretches over 1 km wedding car team catches the eye, which is the country's largest bicycle wedding car team consists of more than 400 bicycles consisting of the rider wearing a pink shirt, very festive.
Net groom named "Croton" the office workers, the bride do administrative work in Banan District Hospital, two were altar Friends "717C" bike forum, come together through sport bike, want to have a special wedding .
"Croton" post convened bike riders when the wedding car team, pre-loaded, 400 people live here.
October 7, 2012, a 118 bus into a couple exclusive wedding car,http://home.att.ne.jp/wind/pal9000/cgi-bin/yybbs.cgi, car front close to the pink "Happiness Express 118 road" on the bus, the car hooked wedding.
Groom Lake is a 118-way driver Li,http://www.winedin.com/crab/pair_food_wine.php?food=register.cgi, Xiao Rui bride in Long Hill Road in Yubei work, commuting should take the 118 road, they become attached to the bus. Work every day, waiting for Li Xiao Rui Lake in the car,hogan outlet roma, on the way, and so on into the wedding hall. Li Lake bus wedding car design, is a witness on behalf of the two feelings.
October 19, 2013, Riverside Road Wanzhou District, ushered in a luxurious wedding team pumpkin carriage.
Zhang Xi Wanzhou girl bride and groom named Huang Yi, from Chengdu, the two operating companies in Xiamen.
They sat on an European platinum white pumpkin carriage, two horses pulling carts are white horse wearing a crown of the head, the carriage is equipped with a full-time driver, one side is a red dress concierge team, participating in the wedding convoy, there Porsche, BMW and other luxury cars.
This European-style carriage frame customized total cost of 45,000 yuan, 4.6 m long carriage, weight 800 kg, two days in advance from the Treasury to the carriage pulled destination, thanks to seventy-eight guy pushed all the way.
It is reported that the total cost of 380,000 yuan wedding.
User views
Down sides
Yesterday afternoon,air max requin, a large number of online sanitation trucks when the wedding car of the post,http://www.4x4smap.com/cgi-local/ikesbbs/glight/glight.cgi, the views down both sides of the users.
Parties agree
Still: the back of the fleet is not much compared to the cattle car Zhuhun Yeah!
Fees doing that thing: This is the people's own car,outlet moncler italia, than those who are quick to use hundreds of million of luxury cars when the wedding car more creative and cool thing.
Wang Min-liang: Police milo married with a police car is not more regressed? So blatant use of work vehicles married,nike tn femme, the relevant departments gone?
Struggling Zen: occupation of public resources, this car oil money and who is out? Car hire there? During this proper job?
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Re: 000 yuan wedding.

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