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To help the little boy to suppress steel legs, 11-year-old has paid a heavy price finger of. Although at first the other parents do not appreciate it,basket nike pas cher, which made 11-year-old very sad: "I and Zhou Xin like 'stupid', but in the future I would also like helping others!." He was also Panlong District Qingyun school students They praise for the little hero.
Playback injury
The boy was helping cut the finger
A weekend in early November, and his brother piece ready to buy something. When passing through the White Dragon Kunming University campus corner,woolrich prezzi, the scene in front rushed up without hesitation. I saw a little boy not far from Tintin (a pseudonym), being pinned steel legs could not move.
Xiadeng rushed forward a few steps, quickly raised his legs pressed steel Tintin, Tintin quickly out of danger, Xiadeng is riding a tiger, carrying steel pipes do not know what to do. Seeing the heavy steel would fall, Xiadeng hurried request has escaped Tintin help handle the pipes together smoothly together on the ground.
Xiadeng so angry is that Tintin is not only not help, but turned around and left. The results distressing: the lack of adequate strength, Xiadeng unable to continue to live a smooth lift steel,?mod=viewthread&tid=689686,spaccio woolrich, and can not be safely into the ground, resulting in the right index finger was smashed on the spot, placing his finger off.
holding his injured finger, when her mother found, the finger has no consciousness. In the mother on the way home, they met Tintin. Xiadeng they pulled him rushed forward,air max pas cher homme, preparing and her mother went to the house to find the parents of Tintin theory. When dad saw Tintin, mom what was going to speak again, the result has had her chilling.
The first three days afterwards,?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Xia Deng admitted to the hospital. Because fingers missing a piece of meat, the doctor had side of the navel opened a small mouth, the finger go into conservation. A full 20 days, Xiadeng injured finger has been "filled" in the stomach, a move to pain. Before discharge to finger out when the belly from more than a distinct scar.
When worry for his medical expenses due originally to the hospital with the intention to clarify the facts of Tintin Tintin Dad can not help after seeing the "conscience", then took out 1000 yuan, as condolences. "I have only so much!" Tintin's dad looks a little sorry, eventually admitted Xiadeng is to save his injured son.
Happy mother
Better than good young son since Zhou Xin
Xiadeng and Tintin's parents, both from the field to Kunming workers,?mod=viewthread&tid=897483, migrant workers are living in the vicinity of Wat Rong Khun, his family was not well-off. Xia Deng's father is the renovation work, unemployed mother; Tintin's father is security, the mother is cleaner.
Initially,air max pas cher, Tintin's father for fear of the other party to claim compensation for medical expenses, they did not dare to admit. But in fact, Xiadeng Mom just wants a recognized and psychological comfort, "do not pay compensation for medical expenses is not important."
's mother said: "One night we watch TV at home,moncler, good to see young Zhou Xin jump Panlongjiang rescue but even saying 'thank you' did not get, I am very sad to tell his son, after the stop nosy, and you look at your fate and Zhou Xin is not the same? "
The answer may be to let her son suddenly felt extremely pleased: "I am as silly and Zhou Xin, however, Zhou Xin lost a life, I only lose a small cut finger, even without the finger, then I will help others. "Then, Xiadeng particular reporter asked, just say" silly "word play double quotes.
Helping others to do what the teacher says
Live more than 20 days in the hospital after a good number Xiadeng fingers, he desperately wanted to return to school. Many people think that this time he is certainly difficult, because many courses came. Who would have thought back Xiadeng Gang joined the English midterm exam,mulberry sale, actually test to 90 points (out of 100). secretly told reporters, in fact, in the hospital,chaussures nike pas cher,, he insisted homework every day in bed.
"Xiadeng is our hero!" Yun Primary Five (2) classes of students say. The reporter then launched a competition in the class within a sentence,hollister soldes, that is, "If I were , I will ......" Many students are the answer to the effect," target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">"If I were , I will go to help others,woolrich donna, help others because, is happy yourself. "
Five (2) class teacher Zhang Minghao said Xiadeng commendable behavior,,spaccio moncler, people moved,air max pas cher, to have such a proud student. However, despite the courageous advocate, but still want to do what. "In the future if you encounter such a thing,?mod=viewthread&tid=5061809, if you exceed the limit of their ability, it has to help the adults around, or will cause more damage."
Chief correspondent Liu Chao (Spring City Evening News)
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