000. But before long

000. But before long

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WASHINGTON May 28, Baoying County, North Village,http://e-learning.tsu.ge/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, Guang Yang Dang Town old secretary carry on the books for seven years, wrote the final sum repayment record. In order had a commitment - on behalf of eight villagers also failed to invest 300,hogan rebel prezzo,000 yuan in debt, Zheng Gaozhong four to earn money, the stem is 7 years.
Seven years ago, one night,woolrich italia, eight villagers either party secretary came when similar home, tells the engaging aquaculture encountered financial difficulties, ask for help. Zheng Gaozhong spot position: "I will help this busy!" He led eight villagers running around and offered guarantees to friends and family borrowed $ 300,http://bbs.155.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,000. But before long, eight people taking losses due debt, have to go into exile.
"Their hard-earned money,moncler outlet, because I was willing to take the trust." As the borrower and the guarantor of the introduction, to an avalanche of creditors took a chest promise: "People take account bad debt it 300,000 yuan! I have for them. "
About 300,air jordan pas cher homme,000 yuan out of debt,http://lpa971vuczsa.hatenablog.com/entry/2014/11/29/170229, it is equal to one for Zheng Gaozhong shoulder suddenly pressed a mountain. Zheng Gaozhong has embarked on a long road to pay back the money. 7 years,http://www.cyclingtime.com,http://www.mondokiddo.fr/, he bought the boat to transport sand along the Yangtze River; he contracted Yancheng North Longgang stack Tamura 200 acres,piumino moncler, planted lotus; he participated bridges, to learn techniques and later contracted projects alone, making over 10 more bridges; spare time, he also fishing for shrimp fishing. Zheng Gaozhong not smoke do not drink, live frugally,basket air jordan pas cher, with one pair of hard-working hands to earn one hundred two hundred thousand to save two thousand, ten thousand,http://r-cube.ritsumei.ac.jp,jordan pas cher femme, twenty thousand places yet. For seven years, he was never a pocket book from the body,moncler sito ufficiale, but also how much each creditor, much worse, he remembers clearly. Every time I see one day reduce debt figures, are pleased to breathe the air inlet comfortable,http://www.5qq8.com/thread-6238-1-1.html,piumini moncler outlet online, but also secretly cheer for their own morale.
Today, Zheng Gaozhong generation also 30 million in debt has been basically repaid. And for that eight villagers can also him money, but he smiled and said: "That one has died eight people, a sick bed,doudoune moncler pas cher,http://kojinjohohogoshi.jp/bin/piip/gwbbs.cgi, the other six people drifting, life is very difficult,parajumpers salg, I would want them to pay off their debts It said nothing. "
Not long ago, eight villagers in the two active Zheng Gaozhong door to apologize and repay the upfront debt 4,http://bbs.nandu.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=2&filter=typeid&typeid=1,000 yuan.
(Panze Fu Hao Daling Zhang Chen)
(Original title: old secretary who work on behalf of debt 300 000)
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