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The reporter Juju Wang,louboutin homme
"The child is a little wrong with the Internet,onWKySBl29,abercrombie pas cher, where we took him to quit, I did not expect the child sent to the guillotine!" Over the phone,bracciali tiffany, Tang Fei Deng's father broke down in tears.
This year has just graduated from junior high school, students under 16 years old Deng, August 2 at 3:00 pm. The day before, he had just been sent to the parents of a local addiction center.
Deng was the afternoon of August 1 was taken to "Guangzhou inspirational young people grow up counseling centers" set up in Nanning Wu Xu Zhen's. woman had just returned home to Guilin resources County, about 7:00 the next morning, we received the sad news of the death of his son. Deng Fei can not believe how they and the children just 10 hours apart, even on the yin and yang, the two separated.
Deng Fei can not go on because of emotion, his brother on the phone continues to reporters about what happened the past two days.
According to reports,woolrich sito ufficiale, this year contracted XiaoDeng addiction, all day long soak in the Internet, the family uncontrollable, parents are very sad. Once, Deng Fei stumbled on Guangxi Television Arts Channel "Tonight forefront" section to see the introduction to "Nanning sail rescue training camp" (It is understood that Guangdong, Guangxi, many media published the "Nanning sail Rescue Training camp" Advertising - Reporters note) that can help kids kick the addiction, "Just wanted to send his son to eat bitter past."
Deng Feifu women so dedicated to his son from Guilin, Nanning rushed signed up,jClOpzf3R5, hoping to be trained, so that children get rid of addiction.
August 1 at 1 pm, the school will send instructors and vehicles Deng Fei,louboutin soldes, Zhou Juan and his wife Deng to Guangzhou inspirational youth counseling centers grow. At that time, three people did not eat lunch, but the school also had a lunch time, the three of them would not eat. Dengfei Fu Fu instructor with the then management signed an agreement to settle the money. "They said that three days will feedback son in school situations."
The "principal counseling training agreement" on the states, Party Guangzhou inspirational sports event planning services (which cover chapter "Guangzhou Panyu inspirational sports event planning services"), B is XiaoDeng parents. Party B commissioned the inspirational young people grow up in Guangzhou to set up counseling centers for their children on the B train, the training period of August 1, 2009 to September 1, 2009, charges 7,000 yuan. The purpose is "to help children build self-confidence, self-sustaining life, correcting bad habits occurred during children grow." Counseling, training methods for closed-end management 24 hours around the clock, arrange child the right amount of physical training, counseling and cultural counseling. Two days before training, in order to prevent child emotional, impulsive aggressive behavior, such as occur,spaccio woolrich, you need to monitor a child's every move 24 hours after the confrontation of the transition period,Iwu8JJN89P, before entering the routine management. "To protect the Party will train children and training effectiveness, Party does not exclude the children suffering moderate education, discipline education, not child abuse or harm the child's physical health is limited."
pm about two women left the school. Prior to departure, the instructor asked them to sign the agreement, said the child a little introverted,woolrich parka, stubborn temper, if you happen with verbal conflict, please do not hit him. Instructor repeatedly promised that, no,d41Hf8fdUC, no. The couple also confessed that the child arrived in Nanning, environment suited,bracciali tiffany, psychology is not stable, two days ago,2d5U1tCn3k, do not arrange for him to participate in exercise activities, counseling only good, but also one of the instructors agreed.
woman just got home around 7:00 the next morning, they received a second Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade southern notify telephone XiaoDeng death. Nanning until they arrived this morning and saw the child is already scarred body.
Family members recalled that Deng entire face was dark purple,louboutin, eyes, nose, mouth, ears are a lot of foul blood, wounds all over the body, abdominal bloating. Here, uncle and started to cry: "A few hours, the ghost Two days before a thousand mistakes, that does not mean the child killed ah.!" They can not think, they work hard to accumulate tuition fee of $ 7,moncler sito ufficiale,uOh06SNPdE,000 delivered to Guangzhou Panyu inspirational sports event planning services, in return is a living child into cold body.
Make them more angry and hurt, so far, they still can not understand from 14 hours at 13 o'clock on August 1 to at 3:00 on August 2, and their children is how to spend such a hellish life Last time,giubbotti moncler, they can not even look at the place before the death of a child,moncler uomo, the child requests to pack luggage did not get any response, Guangzhou Panyu inspirational sports event planning service department did not send anyone to come forward to receive the deceased's family, to appease their wounded hearts.
According to the police investigation, the couple had left the heels instructors to arrange Deng run, run, and let the other students took to run. In the evening,J80WtqOVx6, Deng was tutor in solitary confinement,oqoCdOKPjC, 3:00 more was pronounced dead. Hospitals, medical records showed that Deng is at 3:00 on August 2 was sent to Miss Xu Zhen Center Hospital, when he is dying, undetectable blood pressure and pulse. Symptoms are vomiting, sweating, and call not, eyes on the turn, there is twitching limbs. It sent people say, without making any deal with the emergence of these symptoms in three hours before, there had been no great importance. 3:10, Deng stopped breathing; 3:15, electrocardiogram showed a straight line, announced the death.
"Nanning sail Rescue Training Camp" XIA principal family of the deceased to explain that, when Deng some fever. Now that is under police investigation, to disclose the specific circumstances.
It is understood that there are more than 100 children at the center receive the same "coaching and training." This "Nanning sail Rescue Training Camp" located in Nanning, Guangxi Wu Xu Zhen electronic technical schools. Uncle Deng told reporters that they saw, iron mesh enclosed campus, "training" activities are still carried out. And the survey shows that the "Nanning sail Rescue Training Camp" no registration in Jiangnan District Board of Education, Culture and Sports Bureau.
Deng's uncle, said Deng lively and cheerful, helpful, good health, height 1.65 m, weight 65 kg. July 31, the parents took him to swim in the North Sea, has a coastline of more than 100 meters swim, comes at low tide, but also save a rushing tide over fifty or sixty meters from the shoreline, middle-aged women.
The police investigation, the deceased trauma. According to the Nanning Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade in charge of the southern branch of the second person suspected of intentional injury Deng's four "Nanning sail Rescue Training Camp" staff has been under criminal detention. At present the investigation is ongoing.
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