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August 26, the city's bus a bus because of a 203 car and slip into the next cell Zheng road overpass, severing a telephone pole.
After the newspaper reported, the city bus company to make a long lay-off car careless learning,woolrich uomo, reprimand,woolrich outlet, punish 500 yuan and bear all dealing with accidents caused economic losses.
When studying in the driver left off yesterday morning, when the company has a bus rapid traveling in Qinling Road out of trouble.
Evening News chief correspondent Xu Fuying
Lee said: Qinling Road and the Huaihe River Road intersection, a bus pulled down a pole.
"You put the kids hit the bottom of the pole."
Yesterday, 8:10, in the Qinling Road and the Huaihe River Road intersection south 100 meters Road East, a one-way bus (Henan A75675) parked on the roadside,, three skylights in the roof of the bus cover are gone.
Sideways on the road a steel wire, steel wire is tied to the East West road together two cement poles down. East side of the mast broken into paragraphs, and fell on the sidewalk.
A 10-year-old boy covered in soil,,louboutin homme,, a middle-aged man pulled him anxiously asked: "? Where is the pain Yeah"
"Go to hospital for examination,giubbotti moncler, then your child will hit the bottom of the pole." Blame the people in the crowd sound, middle-aged man pulled the boy went to play three provincial hospital.
Middle-aged man is the driver of this car bus, the boy was hanging down the poles and wires Zadao.
Buses are fast-moving, window cover flew up
Next Ning Wang Yu AT6553 taxi driver standard that 7:45 or so, he normally running from north to south on the road in the Qinling Mountains,woolrich sito ufficiale,, "suddenly saw in front of fast-moving bus roof, window covers suddenly flew up,moncler sito ufficiale, then car crossing hanging wire ran forward, two sounds, the road on both sides of the two poles together broken. "
"East of the poles and some steel wire to a 10-year-old boy Zadao." Wang Ning label see also drove the bus, shouting loudly, surrounding people also shouted. Bus drivers back to see him pull down poles, put the car off the back.
"The little boy was pressing the top of the pole and wire hoop,, we pull him out." Ning said macro scale, the boy was carrying a bag in her hand,louboutin femme, holding a book.
Car chief, said he drove the bus to go to work
This is the name of the bus driver to the police said, because there are other things, he drove the car there is no duty to act, no passengers on board.
The driver said he was open to the Okanagan before crossing the wire,holllister france, there are cars car hang concrete steel wire, the wire was pulled about 3 meters from the ground,spaccio woolrich, he did not see, put a roof skylight erected steel wire,, three skylights are pulled fly.
Traffic police brigade police reports,woolrich sito ufficiale, the first concrete car accident on suspicion of hit and run, they have found is a construction site vehicles Qinling Road, is traced in. Around 9:00 in the provincial Hospitals,, doctors said the 10-year-old boy was Zadao Figure (a pseudonym) is affected by the trauma,outlet moncler, not life threatening.
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