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Beijing News News (Reporter Tang Qi) "Sanlitun Jingxian mirage" "In the Sanlitun quickly see mirage", beginning at noon today,piumino moncler, some netizens have expressed on the microblogging Sanlitun appear mirage. From users upload pictures to see,louboutin homme, there were several high-rise buildings in the South Pacific over the Sanlitun district,mR78BI56TV, unreal and spectacular sight.
14 am,nike air max pas cher, the Beijing Meteorological Bureau,giubbotti woolrich, said micro-Bo, a mirage in the atmosphere to form a very stable situation,piumino moncler, or have a strong atmospheric temperature inversion, when there are significant changes in atmospheric density,[url=http://www.k2220.com/#?в??????????/read.php?tid=6668]xX1n1fXw12[/url],woolrich parka,GUFU6XFUY5, then you can produce refraction and reflection, The scene appeared so distant offsite. Most of these weather conditions occur in the open ocean and desert areas. From the photo scene,moncler donna, the atmosphere is quite unstable and convective produce, does not appear a mirage.
Beijing Meteorological Bureau, said senior engineer Zhang Mingying, there is very little likelihood of a mirage in Beijing,J0gQLCBljM, he said,bHh96RNT2y, from the users upload pictures to see the preliminary determination for PS.
In his view, first of all, "mirage" picture on the floor like a distant shadow play on the glass curtain wall, and can not be so close to the real mirage,holllister france, so much, "the real you'll feel how mirage also able to get away . "Second,moncler outlet, the picture of the floor to cover the clouds,woolrich donna,87GF6l5Mtr, the ratio is wrong. Again, the picture did not look up someone scene, "if it appears a mirage,peuterey outlet, everyone watching,FvvvFQY9LK, and even turned out."
Sanlitun Swire multiple merchants in the Southern District, have expressed not see friends said "mirage." Reporter contacted initially made this microblogging users,woolrich sito ufficiale, as of this writing no reply.
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(Original title: Sanlitun Beijing Meteorological Bureau,813VgkT0mJ, now a mirage:? Not true)
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