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Shenzhen Evening News reported on the 14th reporter Tang Guangming Shenzhen Safari Park (referred Zoo) by following media reports, has aroused great concern. Yesterday, the reporter once again came to the zoo,http://www.mrdisinfestazione.it, zoo beast Valley Scenic accident shut maintenance, but the zoo business as usual. During the interview, told reporters that many people do not see the beast Valley area of ​​the tiger,woolrich parka, I feel sorry. The officer told reporters zoo,http://www.twicher.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=20607, beast Valley area open safety supervision departments require notification.
At noon, the reporter came to the zoo, the zoo is still fun, though the public knows that the tiger wounding,abercrombie outlet,http://tigristiger.net, but walkers visiting tourists unabated. Zoo admission mouth beast Valley posted a notice of temporary closure: "Because the engineering and maintenance,woolrich outlet, beast Valley temporarily closed."
During the interview, a number of people not being able to play beast Valley,http://www.mapfan.com/routemap/routeset.cgi,air max, and I feel very sorry. Many tourists think that beast Valley Zoo is actually a highlight of most people's aspiration,basket nike pas cher, be a wonderful attraction. A pair of Fujian Fuyong working couples with children specifically to the Garden to see the tiger.
Some people said that he was dead garden workers for pity,tn pas cher, this good a life left. The people also said that although the zoo awful tragedy happened,moncler outlet,http://www.kinzoku.co.jp, but we are still relatively normal state of mind,woolrich parka, not because of this fortuitous event would not dare come to the zoo.
So what beast Valley when it can open it? For such problems, the zoo staff reply: "scheduled for next Monday (18th) open,nike air max pas cher,http://www.cty-net.ne.jp/~cho-san/yybbs/yyregi.cgi, but need to notify the safety supervision department, and so after Mr Zeman victims compensation settled,http://www.42ka.com/thread-54480-1-1.html,air max pas cher homme, it will open."
After the reporter contacted Mr. Sheng's family,spaccio woolrich,http://www.07448.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=247975, who told reporters yesterday the zoo twice the officer will talk with them about the issue of compensation, the two sides have not reached an agreement,outlet moncler, then tomorrow they will be questionable. For the two sides to discuss the issue and the amount is satisfied? Mr. Sheng families reply "not currently dissatisfied."
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